I define myself by what I create and not what I consume, but I still consume a lot of great products. Here I’d like to share some of them.


As difficult as it is to list out my favorite books, I’ve tried to do so here. These are books that have left a lasting impact on me.

For each book listed here, I’ve come up with a one-liner. If they interest you, read the book!


Meditations [Amazon US | Singapore]
Focus on what you can control.

Animal Farm [Amazon US | Singapore]
Some animals are more equal than others.

Band of Brothers [Amazon US | Singapore]
Everlasting gratitude. 

Deep Work [Amazon US | Singapore]
How to do more with less time.

East of Eden [Amazon US | Singapore]
Wide open storytelling and “timshel”.


Here are my favorite learning tools.


Cofocus – Virtual Study Room
It’s difficult to focus. We’re faced with an endless barrage of work messages, news notifications, and social media updates. If only you had 50 minutes to sit down, stop distractions, and get meaningful work done. That’s Cofocus. Book 50 minute 1-1 coworking sessions over video and get things done.
Join Cofocus for free.

Readwise – Spaced Repetition for Reading
Get the most out of what you read. We already dedicate time and money to read. But how much of our reading can we recall and use in our daily lives? Readwise helps fix that by systematically bringing up our reading highlights daily via email, website, or app.
Remember what you read and get started for free.

Other Cool Stuff

Cool stuff, as mentioned.


24 Hour Homepage – Buy a piece of the day, forever
There are 86,400 seconds in a day. 24 Hour Homepage has made those 86,400 seconds into an opportunity to showcase an image per second, repeating forever. It’s online art. You’ll see me there if you tune in at exactly 10AM Singapore Time or 2AM UTC, any day.
Find me there and maybe buy a piece of the day too.

Disclosure: Some of the links I use above are affiliate links which means I may receive a commission. However, I’ve featured them here because I genuinely like them too. Thank you for your support.