Here’s a collection of things I’m involved in. You may enjoy some of them. To read my writing, visit my blog.


To write is to think.

I’m particularly proud of the comprehensive, research-backed Burnout Guide I co-wrote with Cedric. It took months to research and write, but it has helped people at risk of burnout.1 WSJ columnist Jason Zweig has given it a shout out on Twitter! It was a pretty cool moment when I found out about that. Certainly a nice bonus.


In this golden age of content, I make time for reading.


I am sometimes on Twitter. And if I don’t forget about it, I also manage a Cal Newport “bot” account.


I’ve made and published one video.2As of writing, it has 7 likes and 168 views. “Oh man, it’s doing numbers.” But, genuinely, it was a fun experience.