The Recipes of Life

The Recipes of Life

When you prepare a home cooked meal, chances are, you’re following a recipe. It might be a family recipe that’s been passed down the generations. Or it might be something you found quick and easy on TikTok (like Dalgona Coffee).

Either way you’re following a recipe. Which makes sense because you can’t possibly come up with a brand new dish every single time you cook. It’s too time consuming and stressful.

I try to approach life in the same way.

For most areas of my life, I’m following a “recipe”. And that’s okay!

My sense of fashion is pretty standard. My wardrobe is full of monochrome and basic clothing. In other words, I’m not doing any experiments that are advancing fashion.

The same goes for my music taste. I don’t have multiple handcrafted, beautiful and up-to-date Spotify playlists that can fit any occasion. Most of the time, I listen to the playlists Spotify has generated for me. 

Of course I’m not saying fashion and music are not worth bold experimentation. I’m saying I’ve personally decided to experiment in other areas for now.

The main idea is: the more recipes I follow in life, the more chances I have to experiment in areas that matter to me.

So here are a few questions to reflect on. What recipes do you follow? Where do you experiment? And when will you change it?

Published July 26, 2021 | Updated December 26, 2021
Twitter May 17, 2021

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