Hi, I'm Guan Jie.

Welcome to my humble abode on the Internet.

My ten second introduction

I’m currently a first-year law student at Singapore Management University (SMU). Within the university, I’m involved in the Legal Innovation & Technology club and in Toastmasters. Outside of university, I like to read widely and write here. I also play tennis, run, and gym.
For a longer introduction, visit my about page. You can contact me there too.

What I am up to now

I share what I’m currently doing and reading on my “now” page.
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My garden

I have a blog here on my website. But ideally, I would like think of it as a garden.
A garden cultivated for self-reflection, for myself and for readers like you.
Occasionally, I will bring in new plants and water the existing ones.
But don’t worry! It’s not as serious as it sounds.

Here’s one way to enter to my garden: Why Writing Matters or you can enter through the main entrance.
Thanks for visiting. I’m glad you’re here.