Guan Jie

Hi, I'm Guan Jie

Welcome to my humble abode on the Internet.

My Ten Second Introduction

  1. First-year law student at Singapore Management University (SMU).
  2. A beginner at many things. Most notably, writing and creating content.
  3. Tennis player, runner, and weightlifter.

My Three Minute Introduction

Visit my “about” page. You can contact me there too.

What I’m up to Now​

Visit my “now” page.
Get 10 USD if that page was not updated within the last 31 days.

I’m building a blog here on my website. But I like to think of it as a garden.
It’s a garden designed for self-reflection, for me and you.
I’m watering the plants and transferring new ones in.

Here’s an entry ticket to my garden: Why Writing Matters or you can enter through the main entrance.

Thanks for visiting! I’m glad you’re here.