I want to use this website as my outlet of expression. For that to happen, here are some disclosures and disclaimers.1

Personal opinion

I write everything here in my personal capacity. The views expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent my school, employer, or any other group. Additionally, my views could change over time. So some of my writing here may no longer reflect my current opinion.


I hope to write with accuracy, but I am still limited by my lack of experience and knowledge. If you spot errors and would like to inform me about it, then please email gj[at]guanjiefung.com

Note that the “Last updated:” time for a certain page does not mean I last made significant content changes then. It may simply mean I did some light formatting changes and last updated that page on that day.

Use of information

The information shared here is mostly directed at my friends, family, and myself. It is not meant to be professional, medical, or legal advice. Please consult your professional, doctor, or lawyer for their advice instead.


My content may include affiliate or referral links, which may enable me to earn a commission.


Do not reproduce my content without my express and written permission. Email me if you’d like to seek permission. I will give credit for using the work of other people. Please also email me if I have failed to do so: gj[at]guanjiefung.com

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  1. A lot of this should already be common sense and implied, but I make some of them explicitly here.