Here’s what I’m up to now:

I currently have about 60 days of summer before my second year of university begins. I’m trying to make full use of it. Here’s how I’m spending it:

I’m writing for the Commoncog Blog. We are building a case study library and have already shipped out the first version of it. Now we are collecting data from ourselves and feedback from the readers. I’m also trying to speed up the writing process by telling myself it’s okay to write bad first drafts. 

Overall, I’m improving my habits like exercising, reading, and getting enough sleep. I’ve been surprising myself with how often I can run. I’ve been squeezing in runs at the end of the day, around 9 to 10PM, and been doing it about five times a week. That feels pretty good. Still lacking on the reading habit though. Summer’s the perfect time to read a lot and although I’ve been doing plenty of reading for my internship at Commoncog, I’ve been neglecting my own personal reads.

On the weekends, I’m trying to find a good balance of rest and work.

Thanks for visiting.

Here are the books I’m reading, some articles I’ve enjoyed and a song I’m listening to.

Updated June 8, 2022
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This page shows what I’m focused on in the short term, forcing me to reflect (inspired by Derek Sivers).