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My third year of university is going to start in a little more than a week’s time. I usually enjoy the start of something — the start of a new week, the start of a new school year, or the start of a new calendar year. That’s because you get to reset things and go in with a clean slate.1

This starting school semester would be busier than usual. I’m applying for training contracts, taking part in the introductory mooting course, and balancing this with classes and extracurriculars. I’m sure things will get hectic at times, but I should remind myself that this is where stories and memories are sourced from. And that I’m living through the Good Old Days.2

I will also be running to raise funds for SMU Bursary Fund, which helps ensure that no deserving undergrad student is denied of a place at SMU due to their financial constraints. Donate here! Any amount is appreciated.

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These are the books I’m reading and my top songs this past month.3

Here’s a quote I’ve come across:

It’s harder to recognize Good Old Days that are still happening, but they’re always there. Looking back with fondness is almost automatic, but you can consciously turn your fondness towards things happening now that you will one day miss.

I’ve long implored readers to periodically pretend the friend you’re with is actually dead and you are only remembering them, so that you can recognize the full miracle of that person now, as they speak and breathe before you, rather than only once they’re gone.

David Cain

Here’s a song on my mind:

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  1. But I also see the pitfalls in this — that I may always be waiting for the perfect time to do something, when in reality, there is no perfect time.
  2. See the quote from David Cain.
  3. If you have any book or song recommendations, feel free to reach out via
  4. In the past, I offered to pay the first reader 10 USD if I did not update this page in the past 31 days. I’ve even paid this out once in March 2022. But I have now stopped doing so.