Here’s what I’m up to now:

Single-tasking. If I’m studying, I shouldn’t be listening to music with lyrics or texting. Sounds simple, but it’s not always easy to resist distractions. So I’m actively reminding myself that I only need to focus on the one task in front of me, and that’s it. In other words, it’s Deep Work.

Prioritizing rest. It’s the timeless college trio – “Grades, social life, and sleep. Pick two.” It’s too early to tell whether I believe it, but what I do believe in is getting enough rest. The idea of studying while drunk is ridiculous, but we do that to ourselves when we don’t get enough sleep. Besides sleep, I’m making sure I get enough time off too. To read fiction, to exercise, and to slow down.

The whiplash is my fault. Singapore seems to be in a tough spot with COVID. We have one of the highest COVID vaccination rates in the world, above 80% fully vaccinated, but we still have strict restrictions like social group sizes of 5 people. Meanwhile, Denmark which has a similar population and vaccination rate has ended all COVID restrictions on September 10. I have the choice to compare and complain, and I have, but I shouldn’t. It does no good. I have no control over this issue, except in how I respond to it. The whiplash is my fault.

This list serves as a public declaration on what I’m working on, which increases accountability (inspired by Derek Sivers). Feel free to ask me more about this list in person.

Updated September 16, 2021
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