Here’s what I’m up to now:

Single-tasking. I have end of semester exams coming up and limited time. To make the most of this, I’m actively reminding myself and designing it so that I single-task. For example, if I’m studying I shouldn’t be listening to music with lyrics or checking my phone too often. When I single-task, I can be more efficient and the work is more enjoyable. It just takes some initial effort to get started, but once I do, it’s easy to keep going.

And more generally balancing my attention diet. You are what you eat. The same goes for our attention; you are what you spend your attention on. I’ll admit my attention diet is not well balanced. I check Reddit and YouTube too often and most of the time the content there is not “nutritious”. So I’m taking these three steps to balance my attention diet: (I think I’m at the second step)
1) Correctly identify nutritious information and relationships.
2) Cut out the junk information and relationships.
3) Cultivate habits of deeper focus and a longer attention span.

The whiplash is my fault. Singapore has one of the highest COVID vaccination rates in the world at about 84%. But the strict restrictions remain. Mask mandates, social group size of 2, safe distancing, tracetogether tracking, borders mostly closed, online schooling. We are making progress to safely live with COVID, but it’s much easier to compare to other countries who are already living with COVID. Denmark, Sweden, US and UK have removed all or significant COVID restrictions. When will Singapore do that? I have no idea. As much as I dislike this, it does no good to compare and complain. I have no control over this issue, except in how I respond to it. The whiplash is my fault.

What I’m currently reading – Goodreads

This list serves as a public declaration on what I’m working on, which increases accountability (inspired by Derek Sivers). Feel free to ask me more about this list in person.

Updated October 16, 2021
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