Hello, I’m Guan Jie.

I’m a law student at SMU. I’m involved in SMU Apolitical Society1 and I was previously involved in SMU Toastmasters and SMU Legal Innovation & Technology Club.

When I’m not spending my time on the above, I read and learn about all sorts of things. With all the content I consume, I would like to spend more time writing here too.


Email me: gj[at]guanjiefung.com
I appreciate feedback about this website or its content.

The below are lists that I occasionally tend to. 2


  1. It’s a political interest society. It’s called Apolitical because it’s our mission to reduce political apathy within the SMU community — which makes the apolitical our target audience.
  2. You know when you find something cool online and want to save it someplace? This is where I save them.