21 Tips at 21

21 Tips at 21 I am 21-years-old. And I’ve seen a lot of these lists online, like this. So let me try it out. Major caveat though. If you haven’t realized, I do not have a lot of life experience at age 21, nor am I super qualified in any particular field. Which translates to …

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The Recipes of Life

The Recipes of Life When you prepare a home cooked meal, chances are, you’re following a recipe. It might be a family recipe that’s been passed down the generations. Or it might be something you found quick and easy on TikTok (like Dalgona Coffee). Either way you’re following a recipe. Which makes sense because you …

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Why Writing Matters

Why Writing Matters We live in a world of information abundance, not information scarcity. And there isn’t just an abundance of content, but an abundance of mediums too. We have information overflowing into so many channels: social media, TV shows, YouTube videos, articles, and books. We are living in a golden age of content. So …

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