What We Worry About

What We Worry About Life can seem like an endless series of worries. From the trivial worries about bad weather cancelling our dinner plans to the serious worries about putting food on the table. With this backdrop, it can seem like we’re worrying too much. The 24 hour news cycle and slacktivism (where a like, …

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21 Tips at 21

21 Tips at 21 I am 21-years-old. And it looks like people online like to make these lists on their birthday. Something like 30 Bits of Life Advice at 30. So let me try it out. Major caveat though, I don’t have a lot of life experience nor am I crazy qualified in a particular …

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The Recipes of Life

The Recipes of Life When you prepare a home cooked meal, chances are, you’re following a recipe. It might be a family recipe that’s been passed down the generations. Or it might be something you found quick and easy on TikTok (like Dalgona Coffee). Either way you’re following a recipe. Which makes sense because you …

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Why Writing Matters

Why Writing Matters We live in a world of information abundance, not information scarcity. And there isn’t just an abundance of content, but an abundance of mediums too. We have information overflowing into so many channels: social media, TV shows, YouTube videos, articles, and books. We are living in a golden age of content. So …

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