Why writing matters

We live in a world of information abundance, not information scarcity. And there isn’t just an abundance of content, but an abundance of mediums too. We have information overflowing into so many channels: social media, TV shows, YouTube videos, articles, and books. We are living in a golden age of content. So why should we still care about writing?

It doesn’t have any fancy bells or whistles. And the most common emotion that accompanies a wall of text is dread.

Here’s why writing matters:

1. Writing is an integral part of all knowledge

You don’t know what you know until you’re forced to write about it. If you thought you understood XYZ, can you write a short paragraph explaining how it works? You’ll find out then if you truly understand it.

2. Writing online is a high leverage activity

When other people read your writing, it’s as if they are having a conversation with you. But you don’t need to be there. Which means you can “talk” with 1,000 people over 100 days by only publishing once. And you can keep “talking” even if you’re working, relaxing, or sleeping.

3. Writing clears your mind

By writing down your thoughts, you’re clearing one of the many thoughts that swirl around in your mind. Our minds are designed to process information, not store it.

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First published: May 16, 2021
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